My grandparents moved to Lesotho in 1941. This is where I was born and spent most of my childhood and adult life. It is from my bond with the mountain kingdom and its people that our products are born and what makes them truly special.

The inspiration for the brand was the Rosehip oil and the way that the harvesting of this incredibly potent ingredient afforded over 4,000 people to become suppliers of wild harvested Rosehips which grow abundantly in their environments.

We aim to seek out more African oils and botanicals with potent ingredients that could make an impact on the livelihoods of the mainly women providing for their families in Africa. I am the founder but it's these incredible African women who are truly affected by our company and in the future, we hope to empower many more within our community.

~ Catherine Nieuwoudt, Founder ROZURI by Maya


With over a decade of experience producing ultrapure Rosehip Oil, and years spent dedicating ourselves to preserving the natural potency of these plants, ROZURI by Maya has mastered the art of formulating natural, youth-enhancing products that exceed quality standards and deliver radiant results.

Rosa Eglanteria, the genus of plant from which our rosehip oil is derived, comes from the wild rose family (rosaceae caninae), and grows abundantly in the Southern African soil of our homeland of Lesotho.

Driven by a deep connection to the land and the community where we live, play, and raise our children, we can’t wait to share the nourishing, healing potential of this super plant with the world.


An extension of “Zuri” – graceful and beautiful in Swahili - ROZURI by Maya’s primary goal is to shape and inspire wholistically abundant, wildly radiant futures for women everywhere through our products.

Channeling our deep reverence for the rich biodiversity of Southern Africa and the supreme healing qualities of nature, we seek to share the vast benefits of the uniquely resilient super plants that thrive within this formidable landscape, even in the face of climatic extremes.

by Maya

The essence and motivation behind founders Catherine and Herman’s vision for the brand is inspired by the memory of their late, beloved daughter, Maya.

Channeling Maya’s generous and joyful spirit, the couple rejoices at the opportunity for Rozuri to help inspire a world where women can cultivate full spectrum abundance on their own terms and lead independent, empowered, lives.


Eternally in awe of nature’s divine power, the land on which it thrives, and the generations of women who tend to and harvest these rare and exquisite super plants, ROZURI by Maya seeks to drive inspired connections among women globally, empowering them through meaningful moments of alignment in their daily lives.

We aspire to generate a positive ripple effect across generations of women of myriad linages, imbuing them with the confidence to live as their boldest, most radiant and abundant selves.