Come as You Are, in All Your Glory

An extension of “Zuri” – graceful and beautiful in Swahili – and “Maya” – the force by which the universe is manifested. ROZURI by Maya is about impacting, influencing and shaping a better future for women.

Calling on the Divine Feminine – original primal power from
which everything is created and sustained – we enter a world
where that power shifts are inherently redefining our societies.
As a brand, ROZURI by Maya empowers multi-generational
women with the confidence to fully embrace who they are and
uplift others to do the same. An ode to an old-world tradition of
wellness, undertaken with the mediums of new-world boldness.
The key economically-benefiting raw materials are wildharvested and complemented with scientifically backed active ingredients to birth a luxurious skincare brand.

Every product we develop is a symbolic extension of community and those working behind the scenes, bringing meaning to every use.

A Vow to Live Life to the Fullest

The founders sought to honor their eldest daughter Maya’s life in some way by infusing her delightful spirit into the ROZURI brand. Two weeks before Maya’s 2nd birthday they discovered a cancerous tumor which she battled for over a year and lost.

In their quest for a cure and a cleaner, healthier way of living, they were introduced to alternative therapies like essential oils. That journey and research became the inspiration behind the formulation of our products.

Losing Maya set the founders on a complex journey that led them to where ROZURI is today. We all made a vow to stay energized, positive and live life to the fullest which will always reflect her nature. We hope to pay homage to the youthfulness and joy she embodied in all of our ROZURI products and brand.

Part of our proceeds are dedicated to helping various at-risk local families through a thoughtful selection process

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