From Tea to Glowing Skin: My Unexpected Journey with Rosehip Oil

From Tea to Glowing Skin: My Unexpected Journey with Rosehip Oil

This might come as a surprise but my journey with Rosehip seed oil started in our tea company.


To say I have struggled with my skin is an understatement! It felt like it was always a battle. Going through the “normal” hormonals changes as a teenager felt like anything but normal. My skin was red and inflamed even when it wasn’t covered in pimples, I can remember looking forward to being a grown up when it seemed all my skin problems would disappear. Of course, like for many of you into my twenties and it seemed that things were not going to get much better. Trying different products and even home remedies became an obsession. Luckily with age came some wisdom and by the time I had my first baby and was being plagued with hormonal changes again I had discovered that the more chemicals I put on my face the worse it got. I had to admit I had a very sensitive skin and need to treat it with love and care and no more harsh products that promised to strip away all my problems but left me with uneven skin tone and inflammation.


All natural products seemed to be the answer but to be honest I found most products those years left my skin far from clean and with a layer of product that just wouldn’t absorb into the skin leaving a greasy layer on the skin.


We had been producing Rosehip Tea for the European market as we still do today when we seemed to get a lot of enquiries for Rosehip seed oil. We are always up for a challenge and decided to build our very own oil press. After some investigations into methods like Co2 and Hexane extractions we decided to produce oil as close to nature would offer it, through cold pressing. By cold pressing the seeds of Rosehips we are able to keep as much of the natural goodness the oil is jam packed with. Retaining the Omega 3 and Omega 6, Vitamin A ,E and K.  Best of all we could maintain our organic certification and know we are producing a high-quality oil which has not lost any of its benefits due to harsh chemicals, stripping or heating the oil.


The transformation in the skin of the women who worked with the rosehip oil was remarkable. Even during routine cleaning of containers and filters, every drop was saved – a testament to its perceived value. The result? Beautifully clear, hydrated skin with a healthy glow. Unlike heavier oils, rosehip oil absorbed quickly, leaving no greasy residue despite its vibrant orange hue, which hints at its rich beta-carotene (vitamin A) content. My own experience mirrored these benefits. The oil strengthened my skin barrier, reducing irritation and redness. The wealth of fatty acids and vitamin E visibly aided in tissue repair, fading scars and improving elasticity. Now, in my late 40s, I'm grateful for the oil's anti-aging effects. For the first time, I feel truly comfortable in my own skin, confident as I embrace the next chapter of life.


Celebrities like Catherine, Princess of Wales, brought rosehip oil into the spotlight when she revealed using it during her pregnancy with Princess Charlotte. She credited the oil for her glowing skin. Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Rose Byrne, and Kourtney Kardashian are among other stars who have sung the praises of rosehip oil. 


Knowing I had liquid gold in my hands, I just had to share it with the world. I felt I had stumbled upon a secret potion for healthy, radiant skin. That's why we started bottling our own cold-pressed rosehip oil, making our liquid gold accessible to everyone. The rest, as they say, is history. Countless satisfied customers and glowing faces later, my journey with rosehip oil continues to be a source of immense satisfaction.


Catherine Nieuwoudt, Founder of Rozuri by Maya